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Chapter Three

Chapter three


   My eyes flipped open. I lifted my head and looked around. The fire had gone out and it was about four in the morning by my judging. I sat up and grabbed my bota bag. Raising it to my lips I drank heavily. It felt good to have water in my throat again. I got up and stretched my aching limb; I wasn’t used to this out doors sleeping.  I sat down, making sure not to wake Colleen up. I grabbed some bread from my satchel and started munching on it. I thought about what we might have to do when we get to Fellon ford and other things when a thought hit me. What woke me up I wonder? I started to string my bow. Suddenly the horse bolted, and from the bushes men broke out with spears and sword. Sword! It sent a shiver down my back. But I shook the feeling off and drew my dagger.

 There were fifteen men, all heavily armed, and baring the mark of Meldon.  I used the trees for cover and engaged a soldier with a spear. He stabbed at my gut, but I managed to dodge and grab the shaft. I knocked it to the ground. Stabbing the man in the chest with my dagger, He gave a cry and fell. Two more Soldiers engaged me, so I jumped over one of their swords and grabbed my bow and a quiver. I swung the quiver on and drew two arrows. Spinning around, I took aim and shot. The arrows hit two soldiers in the chests with a loud thud. They fell to the ground. I drew another arrow and turned around to where the other soldiers stood. I saw the last thing I wanted to see. The other twelve soldiers were standing in a group and one of them (who seemed to be the leader) had a knife at Colleen’s throat.

“Put your weapons down!” He said in a gruff voice “or the little girl gets it.” I stood there with my bow drawn back, battling myself inside. I could most likely hit the leader. I thought but they would be on me in a second. I would also have to risk hitting Colleen, which was not a favorable option. My arms grew sore and started to tremble. I made my choice. I shot my arrow into the ground and threw down my bow. The soldiers rushed forward and took my weapons. Then I felt something hard hit the back of my head, and I blacked out.


I started awake and looked around. I was tied to a tree along with Colleen. The soldiers were going through our gear, and taking anything they wanted. The rest they were throwing into a pile next to the fire.

“Colleen” I whispered “are you alright?”

“Yes she answered “how do we escape?”

“Working on it.” I said as I looked around for an escape route. Then a soldier threw a little pot, (that I was quite fond of) and it smashed on the ground. I turned as much as the tree would allow me to, and starched my feet out for it. I had just brushed the edge when a foot came hard on my stomach. I gasped and tried to get air. Looking up, I saw a soldier standing over me and laughing

“Thought you could get away with that did you?” he said and laughed again. Then there was Twang in the air and the soldier fell to the ground with an arrow deep in his chest. The other soldiers jumped in surprise, but before they could react the furthest one from the group gave a cry and was pulled into the shadows. Then, the entire underworld broke loose. People jumped out and started fighting. A man and a girl with swords took them head on while a girl with a bow sat in a tree and rained arrows on them. As I took this all in, pretty girl with black hair appeared next to me.

“Be quite” she whispered “I’ll have you out in a second.” She drew her sword and sliced the ropes that were holding them to the tree. I jumped up and grabbed my dagger. The battle was insane. The two people with swords were back to back fighting five soldiers at once. More soldiers on the edges of the ring kept getting pulled into the darkness.  Every time the archer had a chance, she shot and took out another soldier. Feeling left out and out classed, I jumped into the fray, taking on a man with his spear. Soon the soldiers were overwhelmed and were defeated. With one last swing, I sliced the man with the spear in his gut. A man came out of the shadows, wiping his daggers on a dark cloth. The strangers started piling the body’s on the fire and were burning them. After they finished that, the man with the sword turned to me.

“Who are you boy?” he said and “and where do you come from?” He was a very interesting figure, With short black hair and a well-cared for mustache and Goatee. “Answer me boy!” He said again  

“My name is Killian”  

 “And how Killian, Did you come into this situation?”

“We got into a fight with the guards at Winwillow, and we ran away.”

“You’ve come quite a long way then” he said looking at the pile of stuff on the ground.

“Yes and if you will excuse us, we are trying to get to Fellon Ford. “

“Fellon Ford?” he looked up in surprise “why are you going there?”

“To tell the truth, we were hoping on finding refuge from Meldon.”

The man looked around and motioned for his companions to come, and they gathered in a group just beyond hearing range. They started discussing something. The girl who had cut the ropes seemed to agree with whatever the leader said. The guy with the daggers seemed very angry, but in the end they seemed to reach an agreement. They came over and the leader addressed us.

“We are part of the resistance who are Trying to free Adalia from power and curse Meldon. My company and I are offering you a chance to join. If you want to, we will bring you to Fellon ford to be trained. If not, then be on your way. Decide quickly, we don’t have much time. I pulled Colleen aside and turned her towards me.

“What do you think sis?” I asked her “We don’t have anywhere else to go” 

“Do we know that we can trust these people?” She asked looking back at them.

“Well, they saved us from the soldiers and are offering us a place in the resistance, that is a good enough reason for me” I waited for her reply. She stood looking unsure of what to do.

“Alright, let’s go” she said with a little regret in her voice.  “We have nothing better to do” I grinned and kissed her fore head.

“You won’t regret this” I said in my excitement. “I promise.” I turned to the group of resistance members.  “It seems we are coming with you.” Most of them looked happy about it. The man with the daggers however, did not.

“Alright then.” Said the leader “then I guess introductions are in order.” The group lined up, and the leader named them off one by one. “My name is Octavian, and this,’ the girl with the bow stepped forward. She was dressed in green and brown, which matched her dark brown hair so she could blend in with the trees. “Is Freya, Our main archer and an expert in sharp shooting.” I shook her hand and she stepped back. Then a second girl stepped forward. She was clad in armor, but her arms were bare. Her hair was very similar to Freya’s “This is Autumn, A very skilled swords man and she is part of my commando squad, and she is a very good friend.” I shook her hand and she took her place by Freya. Then the guy with the daggers came forward, he was not nearly as pleased to see me as Freya or Autumn. He wore grey clothes and a grey cloak. He had blond hair that came down to his shoulders. “This is William; he is an expert in sneaking behind the enemy.” I stuck out my hand and but he just nodded and went back to his place in line. Finally the girl with the Black hair came forward. She had a chainmail suit, and under that her torso was covered with a leather Brest plate. Her black hair lay on her shoulders. “This is May; she is a good fighter and she is also our healer.” I grasped her hand and gave it a squeeze.

“Thank you for getting us out.” I said, as she went back to her place in line.

“anytime.” She smiled sweetly. “We are a team now, we will be there.” William didn’t seem very happy with this statement, but the others nodded in agreement.  Octavian looked around at the pile of stuff on the ground.

“We must be off” he turned to me. “Carry only what you can fit in one bag. We travel light.” he and his companions walked into the trees and one by one they led out big strong horses. Octvain turned and look at his party “Which of you will carry Killian? and I also need someone to carry…what was your name again lass?” the question was directed at Colleen.

“I almost forgot! This is my sister Colleen.” She smiled at all of them and they nodded back aside from William.  

“I will take Colleen” Autumn said, and motioned for Colleen to get on.

“ I’ll ride with Killian” said May. I was glad that I wasn’t stuck with William; he probably would have “accidently” bucked me off. I was even happier to be riding with May. I felt a special connection to her, a stronger one then I felt with the others, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it was because she had cut my bonds, I don’t know, but I was glad to take the seat behind her on the big white horse. 

“Let us be off!”  Octavian cried and we were on our way.

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